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In an effort to be more responsive, we have changed the ‘category’ selections available to the public when an Idea is created. The new categories will assist the county in making sure the most appropriate staff are alerted to new Ideas. IT staff recently updated the categories for existing Ideas to align with the new list, which action led to a notice that an Idea was edited, while no change is apparent to end users. No other changes were made to Ideas or comments. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The new categories are listed below:

1) Roads and Transportation 2) Community Development (Planning, Zoning, Environmental, Building, Permitting) 3) Public Utilities (Water & Sewer) 4) Finance, Budgeting, and Central Purchasing 5) Parks, Recreation and Tourism 6) Library 7) Gloucester County Public Schools 8) Other and General Government Operations

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Since Speak Up Gloucester has been activated, several ideas and questions pertaining to our public school system have been posted. Site Administrators’ responses have typically directed the poster to the school system. Is it possible to integrate our school system into Speak Up Gloucester?

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A public hearing on Commonwealth driven changes to Gloucester’s procurement (purchasing) ordinance is scheduled for October 6th at 7:30PM. At that time the People of Gloucester County and our elected leaders will have the opportunity to consider and discuss removing the words “and set forth in writing” and “The writing shall document the basis for this determination” from the following section on methods of procurement.

(c) Upon a determination made in advance by the purchasing manager and set forth in writing that competitive sealed bidding is either not practicable or not fiscally advantageous to the public, goods, services, or insurance may be procured by competitive negotiation. The writing shall document the basis for this determination.

In my opinion there should be concern anytime a requirement to document the People’s business is eradicated or circumvented. Therefore it is further my opinion that a local ordinance or policy should be created requiring the implementation of an internet accessible archive of all procurement documents that are releasable under the Freedom of Information Act.

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We need an affordable Community Recreation Center with a pool and fitness facility. This could also be used by the Parks and Recc. Program and could even be used for Summer Camps, Conference Rooms for Community Meetings, Senior Citizen programs, etc. The facility could also used for Mental Health Wellness and stress management. There are many grants available for Community Health and Wellness that could help offset the cost.

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Gloucester needs a track and field summer "league" team. My name is Rachel Jones. I am a graduate of UVA where I was captain of the track and field team. I have a son who can not participate in contact sports and I really wish we had a local track team for him to develop his talent. He is only 7 but it would be nice. One of my aspirations in life is to coach again and perhaps this could be my opportunity. I know GHS has talent that would come out and be a part of the team.

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How much longer is it going to take this county to fix the Main Street road? It looks horrible and tears our cars up, not to mention how unsightly it looks to tourists. In addition, side roads, like, Duval Ave., Boutetourt Ave., etc. have been put on the VDOT planning list for years and years then removed for some other road that took priority. Residents in and along Main Street take pride in their homes and property, but when you have the deplorable road conditions that we have here, it takes away from our community. How much longer are we going to be put on VDOT's back burners?

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Idea: GIS

Jean Pierce about 2 years ago

Can we get the GIS mapping to work on Chrome?

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brian horn about 2 years ago

Why is it that Gloucester can put in these new sports fields, but they can't put in a nice walking trail that people can take wheelchairs and strollers? Beaver Dam is alright, but too many roots for wheelchairs and some strollers.

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